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Drive engagement, retention and performance with Fortay's Team Success Platform for a healthy workplace where your company and people thrive.

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Trusted by innovative people-first companies

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We partner with high growth startups to large innovative organizations to drive culture health, change and success for their employees and teams.

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Culture Health

Values Driven

Fortay’s team success platform overview

Power a Renowned Employee Experience for Everyone

Fortay is the only platform that helps you transform your people strategy with continuous listening programs by connecting hiring, engagement, employee experience, and leadership development in one holistic and comprehensive solution. Ready to learn more?


Employee Experience

Inclusive Leaders

Fortay is Leading the Way in Employee Experience

Fortay makes the news as it helps organizations build diverse, healthy, high-performing workplaces.

Yahoo Finance

"The Great Leadership Transformation is imperative"

The Guardian

"120% more likely to reach their revenue goals"

Ritz Herald

"Fortay emerges with an innovative approach"

Business Insider

"Drive better business, talent, and growth outcomes"


"Measure leader behaviors that enhance employees"


"ChatGPT is already proving valuable to HR"


Culture Add

Build a diverse values-aligned team

Hire for core values alignment and fairly level the playing field for all candidates. Make data-driven hiring decisions with confidence and no bias with our validated assessment and culture add framework. Increase your team diversity and create belonging!

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People Experience™

Improve culture health and team performance

Push continuous improvement with sophisticated insights, intentional technology, and ready-to-use templates. Understand your peoples’ lived experiences so you can help them thrive. They will love you for it!


Team Success Platform™

Center diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for meaningful impact

From hello to good-bye, Fortay’s Culture Add Hiring and People Experience solutions work holistically together to help organizations build diverse high-performing teams and cultures of collective belonging to unlock team success. It is time to wear your red cape!

Drive Success
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Transform how you build a diverse, high-performing culture with

Fortay's Team Success Platform

We believe only a truly people-first approach enables optimal team and business success.

The data is clear – prioritizing DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging), along with hiring great talent who align with organizational values are critical for success.

Learn how we empower individual, team, and company success with a purpose-built platform to transform workplaces, building a healthier, more inclusive, and equitable future of work for all.

What do our partners

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When all employees thrive, so does your company.

Diverse and inclusive cultures are:

2 times

As likely to meet or
exceed financial targets

3 times

As likely to be

6 times

More likely to be
innovative and agile

8 times

More likely to achieve
better business outcomes

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Ready to innovate with a people-first approach to drive high performance and team success?

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